Questions + Answers

What is this really?

This is a conservative alternative to neoliberal globalization.  This is a platform that traditionalists from all over the planet can superimpose over their particular agenda to allow them to work together for common goals.


Is this racist?

Only in the traditional sense, meaning a racist was someone who thought about, talked about, studied and was interested in race.  The modern definition is just a slur used to attack people.  Scientific-racism is the single greatest threat to the myth of the Blank Slate.  That is why Blank Slate ideologues are so vociferous and hysterical in their anti-scientific dogma.  Natural conservatives are comfortable with race and view it accordingly.


Is this white supremacist?

None of our race laws favour one race over another and in fact our race laws are specifically designed to eliminate interracial conflict and preserve the human races.  In terms of supremacism; a normal, healthy human being with a positive self-image is inherently supremacist.  If a human being were to think or feel that their specific race were somehow inferior or inherently flawed that would be a symptom of abuse, minority status and/or potential brain-washing.  Therefore (in the interest of human well-being) natural conservatives are pro-racial supremacism for all races.


Is this hate speech?

Hate is a human feeling and like love only exists as an abstraction.  Efforts to erase or ‘dismantle’ a human feeling are misguided and arrogant and will fail.  Hate (like love) only exists in the mind of the observer.


Do you hate LGBT-alphabet people?

All human beings are inherently disordered.  We reject utopianism; there is no perfect human being.  Homosexuality, like Transsexuality or any other Fetish is a type of Psychosexual Disorder (Paraphilia).  Disorder should never be promoted or celebrated.


Why do you use colour to distinguish the races?

Colour is the ideal way to describe the races.  We all can see that the colour purple exists, but where purple ends and red begins is arbitrary.  Classification through colour speaks to a larger truth: the races are real, differences are noticeable/measurable and human beings are part of something greater than themselves.


What about Multi-racial (mixed-race) human beings?

A mixed-race human being is one who has no dominant racial DNA, meaning DNA of a particular race greater than 50%.  If a person had for example 62.5% Yellow DNA, 25% Orange DNA and 12.5% Brown DNA that person is not mixed race, that person is a member of the Yellow Race.  If a person had for example 50% Brown DNA, 25% Red DNA, 12.5% White DNA, 12.5% Purple DNA, that person would be mixed-race.

Human beings whose race is mixed are unique but transient within racial-time.  Most mixed-race human beings are quickly absorbed into the majority race (this is for their safety).  Mixed-race individuals must choose, upon adulthood, what race they identify as.  If they contain even one drop of that races DNA, they must then be accepted as belonging to that race.  Races are still allowed though, to control the absorption of mixed-race human beings, especially if the race is in danger of destruction through dilution.  Races have a right to self determination, maintaining their racial viability is one of their main duties.  Absorption of mixed race individuals strengthens the race, as long as they are prevented from overwhelming it. 


What is the Racial Homeland?

Every Race has a Homeland, based on history and geography.  The racial homeland is important for three reasons.

  1. It is where male human beings of only that Race are allowed to vote.
  2. It is where human beings of only that Race are allowed to work in the government.
  3. It is where human beings of only that Race are allowed to join labour unions.


I’m a Brown person and I want to live in a Black Homeland, why can’t I?

You can, of course, and have a great life.  You just won’t have any political rights (except in the Brown homeland) or be able to join the government or a labour union.  You can be banished from the Black Homeland for any reason or no reason but because “No Race can rule over another Race” you can’t be tried in a court of law and punished except by your own Race.  Plus you can’t receive any welfare or government assistance from the Black homeland because “No Race can parasite another Race”.  Likewise you would never have to pay any taxes to the Black Homeland.  As well you could never interfere in any Black conflict no matter how minor.  None of the Race laws would prevent you from living amongst another Race, unless they didn’t want you to.  Races do have a right to self determination so they could prevent your potential mixed-race offspring from being absorbed into them (prevent your offspring from procreating) if the Race believed they were in danger of losing stock viability. That being said, human beings are adverse too being a minority.  We were designed by evolution to prefer to live amongst our “blood”.  The online and virtual world will allow people to have the cosmopolitan experience while still living the way nature intended.


What about Post-racial (or Colourless) human beings?

Some human beings will reject their racial heritage, the earth is not for them.  In the near future humanity will start to expand out to the moon, then our solar system, then maybe even the stars of our galaxy.  Humanity should start to see the earth as a preserve.  Earth is where we preserve the human seed.  Post-racialists inherit the moon and beyond. 


What is the Racial right to self determination?

  1. The right to form a governmental body to represent the Race and Homeland.
  2. The right to tax the Race.
  3. The right to maintain and determine racial viability.
  4. The right to compel the procreation of the Race in the face of declining viability.
  5. The right to regulate the absorption of Mixed-Race human beings into the Race.
  6. The right to banish other Race individuals from your Homeland.
  7. The right to regulate the amount of other Races who are allowed to live in and visit your homeland.


Why isn’t North America listed as a Red homeland?

While it is true that some (relatively very few) Red people inhabited North America at the time of White settlement, they were merely stone-age tribes.  They had no recorded civilization and were engaged in near constant genocidal struggles with each other.  At the time, White domination was inevitable.  The fact that Whites did not genocide them was both surprising and a truly remarkable achievement.  That being said, North America is the special case.  North America must be divided up between the seven races.  It will be a bitter pill for many Whites to swallow but worth it for racial peace and harmony.


I thought conservatism was all about economics.  Do you oppose capitalism?

Liberalism is the only political philosophy uniquely concerned with an economic system.  Natural conservatives view the economy through the lens of the family.  A few family members will succeed beyond expectations within any given system, most will be average, and a few will fail.  We are concerned with protecting the weakest members of our family, even if it means the rest must sometimes sacrifice more than was initially desired.  It is one thing to help the unfortunate, it’s another to reward bad behaviour.


What is your goal?

A human civilization of over 100 billion human beings that lasts until the end of time.