Privacy + the State

Privacy has traditionally been the interest of liberals because it grants the individual the freedom to do things the family or the state would disapprove of.

Human beings have no right to privacy specifically, just freedom from the consequences of what you say, think, feel and express in private.

Human beings have an inherent interest in guaranteeing that another human beings privacy is respected; because what can be done to others, can also be done to you.

What is private?

The nature of privacy has changed due to human knowledge.  The creation of the smart-phone changed how we can and should deal with what is private and what is public.  Every adult must have a smart-phone (or similar) to facilitate and guarantee their privacy right.

Natural Conservatives recognize three levels of privacy:

Full Privacy – Private

Partial Privacy

No Privacy – Public

Privacy is typically determined by doorways.  When you pass through a doorway you might be entering a new stage of privacy.

Public is outside, typically under the sky.  Outside (in public) you have no privacy and should assume that everything you do is being monitored or recorded.  In public you have limited freedom, tradition and order determine norms and habits.

Partial Privacy is the first stage of privacy.  When you enter a vehicle or a building, what might not be allowed in public (such as blasphemy or cursing) could be allowed in a specific venue.  Some examples include:  A bar or night club where dress codes and conduct are relaxed, a library where open political discussions can be engaged in, or a theatre where pornography is shown.  Physical (offline) venues of partial privacy must be approved of by the State.

Full privacy would be in a home or hotel room.  Only adults can enter full privacy and entering full privacy with another adult is explicit consent.  With full privacy you have full freedom, you are restricted in nothing but interfering with another beings rights.

Children can never attain full privacy.

Your level of privacy online is determined by your level of privacy in the real world (or your choice of a lesser degree of privacy).  If you record (share) something online it can be seen or heard only by others sharing your level of privacy at the time of recording.  To allow otherwise would negate your privacy right.

What privileges does the state have?

To know your DNA.  The only way your rights can be guaranteed and asserted is if the state has this information.  Upon birth a DNA test must done to determine if you are a human being, what race you are, and paternity.

To force you to procreate.  If your Race is in threat of extinction or collapse it is the states prerogative to ensure its survival.  Your life is only partly your own, you have a connection and responsibility to something bigger than just yourself.

To protect and guarantee your rights.