Natural conservatives recognize only three political philosophies.  All others are variations or distortions meant to isolate, deceive or dilute.  Two of the philosophies have their roots in human biology and are as old as civilization.  The third is a modern product of the mind and has its origins in the White Enlightenment.


Conservatives idealize the family.

They believe in order and tradition.


Liberals idealize the individual.

They believe in law and free-market capitalism.


Progressives idealize the state.

They believe in utopianism and egalitarianism.

The Problems with Conservatism

Conservatism has its roots in the nature of male human beings.

Male human beings evolved as the “disposable” gender.  Male human beings were designed to confront danger, notably in the form of other male human beings.  Male human beings are naturally inclined to want to create order.  Order is predictable and safe and prevents male human beings from being arbitrarily “disposed” of.

Stagnation, conformity and ignorance are the product of too much conservatism.

The Problems with Liberalism

Liberalism has its roots in the mind.  The problem is your mind stands alone.  Human beings are not solitary creatures, we can only exist in groups, immersed in social interaction and conflict.  The liberal seeks to mitigate conflict through law, this is a worthy goal.  Sadly, using intellectual abstraction, a powerful elite can twist the law to their benefit at the expense of the intellectually impoverished.

Preoccupation with “the self,” greed and degeneracy are the product of too much liberalism.

The Problems with Progressivism

Progressivism has its roots in the nature of female human beings.

Female human beings evolved as the “protected” gender.  Female human beings were the prize male human beings fought over and defended.

Female human beings are deeply social by nature.  They want a society where they can have an equal say, so they can promote their unique gendered interests.  They also want to be the ones who determine what is socially acceptable and what is not.  This is understandable (yet still entirely unacceptable) since they dominate the social sphere in a way that male human beings can find difficult to grasp.

Progressivism promotes two great lies: utopianism and egalitarianism.

Utopianism (the belief in an ideal world without suffering or conflict) is not possible.  Female human beings need conflict, specifically they need male human beings to compete and “conflict” with each other so they can determine who is best.  Female human beings have a very precious, limited resource: fertility.  Like any scarce resource they want to spend it as wisely as possible.  From the female perspective it makes sense that the conflict they want males to be “conflicting” over is the establishment of an idealized utopia.  The utopia is the perfect environment female human beings imagine to raise their offspring in safety and provisioning.

Egalitarianism (the belief in equality) is obviously appealing to the physically weaker sex in a world where might makes right.  The problem is it can never exist because human beings aren’t created equal.  Human beings are not clones.  If all human beings were equal evolution would not work.  Evolution by natural selection is predicated on the notion that all is not equal and therefore the survivor is the best adapted.  Abstract intellectual ideas about equality are usually founded on appeals to the supernatural.  While those ideas might speak to your innermost desire, law should be founded on reality not abstraction.

Progressivism is the most dangerous and destructive ideology because while claiming justice and equality, it actually engenders perpetual disorder and conflict.