Order + Disorder

Normal, healthy human beings crave order.  Order is predictable and safe.

Disorder is necessary for order to have meaning.

Natural Conservatives should refrain from making judgments in public about if something is good or bad, right or wrong.  Natural Conservatives are encouraged to make judgments to determine if something is ordered or disordered.

Order is when purpose and process are aligned.

The purpose of the spoon is to scoop, scooping with the spoon is ordered. The purpose of the knife is to cut, cutting with the knife is ordered.  Scooping with the knife is disordered.  Cutting with the spoon is disordered.  It is not to say that you can’t cut with a spoon or scoop with a knife, you obviously can, but it is disordered. 

The purpose of human sex organs are for procreation.  Using human sex organs for procreation is an ordered behaviour.  Using human sex organs for any other function is inherently disordered.

Disorder should never be celebrated or promoted.